Trumps supporters lose business

3 years ago

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Since the January 6 riots, many persons have found themselves being ostracized because of their involvement in the riots and or because of their support of Donald Trump. My Pillow’s CEO Mike Lindel has been one of the latest persons to report that his business is taking a beating because he is a known supporter of Donald Trump. Major retailers such as Khol’s , Bed Bath and Beyond, and Wayfair are among those removing his products from their shelves. Some retailers have responded by saying that the products are no longer in demand so after the current inventory is finished, they will not be reordering the products.  Other Trump supporters are calling for a boycott of these retailers following the decision. In some areas, sales have increased.

Lindel has been accused of spreading conspiracy theories; he has promoted a fake cure for COVID-19 and has been part of the group openly sharing the sentiments that there was widespread voter fraud in the 2020 US elections. Lindel claims that anyone who supports Donald Trump is being attacked.