Guy accuses Gov’t of egotism in COVID-19 management

3 years ago

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Shadow Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Morais Guy, MP, shared that the nation’s collective shock and concern at the skyrocketing number of positive Covid-19 cases in Jamaica and calls for a national approach to the burgeoning crisis.
Commenting on the record 723 cases reported by the Ministry of Health and Wellness on Saturday, Dr Guy said both Friday and Saturday had record numbers and capped a week in which 2,427 persons tested positive with positivity levels of up to 36%.
Consequently, Dr Guy said there should be an urgent review by a broad-based team, including our best scientists, of the medical programme and management with a view to replacing ineffective ones with best practices, which have been proven globally.
The Shadow Minister called for a renewed emphasis on mask-wearing and urged stronger public education and enforcement efforts to stabilise the situation.
Dr Guy said with over 270 COVID-19 patients in hospitals in addition to patients with regular respiratory illnesses, special attention also needs to be placed on securing the requisite supplies, including oxygen, for these diseases.

“We are concerned about the state of the health care system exacerbated by the fact many doctors and nurses are themselves getting infected”,

he said.
The Opposition spokesman said the Government should consider recommendations made by the Opposition and end the one-upmanship and egotism, which has characterised the COVID-19 management, as the health and welfare of the population trumps all other considerations.