Westmoreland residents warned not to let their guard down

3 years ago

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The month-long curfew in Westmoreland has been relaxed, however, residents are prompted to still stay aware in the fight against the COVID-19 virus.

The Health Promotion and Education Officer at the Westmoreland Health Department, Gerald Miller explains that even though the numbers are decreasing, persons cannot get complacent because of this early trend.

Miller advised that residents have to take personal responsibility for their own sanitation

“We have to understand that we have a responsibility to have on our mask and to sanitise. These are things that we have to accept now that it’s going to be the norm,”

he said.

Miller also made it clear that many persons are relying on the Ministry of Health for masks and are advised that they should wear masks to protect themselves.

“So, if you can’t buy a surgical mask, make the sacrifice and buy a cloth mask because that can be washed and reused,”

The Health Promotion and Education Officer went on to say that the health department is still educating the public through the use of free COVID screening in certain communities and informative messages being circulated through markets and supermarkets.