West Kingston students grateful for tablets

3 years ago

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Desmond McKenzie, on Friday, received tablets valued $500,000 for needy students living in West Kingston.

The devices were donated by Imaging and Intervention Associates.
The Minister, who welcomed the entity’s gesture, said the tablets will go a far way in assisting the youngsters whom he said are “in need of these devices”.

Mr McKenzie said, to date, more than 200 tablets provided by several stakeholders and interests have been distributed to children in communities across his constituency.

“We have received tablets through the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, and we have gotten assistance from individuals who believe that education is key to the success of these youngsters,”

he said.

Mr McKenzie said he was “exceedingly happy” that Imaging and Intervention Associates

“have found it in your heart to remember the young people in West Kingston”.

One of the recipients, Kingston Technical High School student, Cassandra Gray, thanked the donors, noting that their gesture was timely in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic now impacting Jamaica.

The other two students, Akeelah Frazer from North Street Primary School, and Ishmael Duckett from St. Aloysius Primary School who will be sitting the upcoming Primary Exit Profile (PEP) exams, said they were also grateful for the tablets. They shared that the devices will assist their preparations for the upcoming exams.

Founding partner of Imaging and Intervention Associates Dr Duane Chambers said the desire to assist needy children with their educational development prompted his organization to provide the tablets.

“We couldn’t think of a better way to contribute to furthering the education of one of the most vulnerable populations in our communities. So we are happy to help in the small way that we can, and we certainly hope that it will help our children,”

he added.