Wake Up And Live helped Kurt Riley recover

3 years ago

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Record producer Kurt Riley was lying in a hospital bed, unable to move around or lift most things because of pain. It was an emotional time for Riley, who among other things, doubles as a disc jockey.

Feeling a sense of despair, Riley was sent the unreleased Wake Up And Live by the song’s singer, Chevaughn and after listening, it changed his outlook on life and with that, allowed him to strive in his recovery, until he was fully functional again.

“So I am there with the phone on my chest, I can’t move because I am feeling pain and when it (song) goes down to the punch line saying ‘life is a treasure, no man can measure, life gonna get better, get up and wake up and dream’, all the dominoes come tumbling down on me in terms of my emotions.

Upon hearing those words, I found myself getting some form of, if you want to call it motivation, if you want to call it life, you want call it energy, whatever you want to call it, that was when I decided that I would start pushing forward and try to get up and live,”

Riley said.

Today, Wake Up And Live, which is done by artiste Chevaughn will be released on all digital platforms and producer Riley is hoping that its success will be, bringing individuals in distress, a sense of hope and revival.

According to Riley, the song is appropriate for the situation that people are currently going through because of COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, which have been imposed by governments across the world.

He said that while discussing the song last year before his illness, Chevaughn reminded him that the song is bigger than both of them, because of the energy that was there while it was in production.

“Remember that no work is going on now. Everything is on a standstill. People with money are not sharing it, as they are holding on to it. That means that they cut off the financial supply to those who normally get the drippings of the water,”

Riley said.

“And what the people who normally get the drippings, what they are going to do? JPS still wants their money and they have to think about that. NWC still wants their money, because if they don’t get their money they are going to cut off your light and cut off your water and they still have to think about that.

“It confirms to me, when it came full circle too, 360°. The same song that I produced, came back to me and helped me and it goes to show the importance of the power of what you choose to say or how to say it. Chevaughn, love in the purest form as a human being and all of that was poured into that song,”

Riley said.

Wake Up And Live was recorded last year at Mixing Lab studios on the Perfect Mistake rhythm. Riley stated that the rhythm had a mistake, which he believed was perfect and that’s how the name was coined.