Recent UK traveller dies in hospital

3 years ago

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The Ministry of Health and Wellness confirmed the death of one of the 20 positive cases, who recently arrived in Jamaica from the UK. The deceased is a 77-year-old male of Jamaican descent, who resides in the UK.

The patient was in state isolation and remained stable until late December, when he developed symptoms and was admitted to the Cornwall Regional Hospital. His condition further deteriorated, and was listed among the critically-ill COVID-19 patients. He passed away on Sunday, January 3, 2021. Of note, he was not among the four cases with the variant strain of COVID-19 from the UK.

Since December 21, the 20 positive cases have been in isolation, while the remaining travellers, who tested negative were quarantined at home. Having completed their 14 days isolation/quarantine and remained asymptomatic, all the travellers are slated for release today.