Turkish University candidate arrested after using AI to cheat during entrance exams

Stevian Francis

3 weeks ago

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A Turkish University prospective student was reported arrested after being caught cheating using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to get answers during the school’s entrance test recently.

According to reports, the candidate, referred to only by the initials M.E.E. by Turkish media, was caught cheating using an “ingenious system involving an internet connection, a concealed camera, and an AI-powered software that could read the questions on the test and provide answers in real-time.”

It’s the first known case of cheating using AI in the country, according to Turkish authorities. Speaking to the media, the Police marvelled at the level of sophisticated technology used in the attempt by the prospective student.

In addition to the use of ‘AI,” it was further reported that the accused had a small smartphone concealed in a credit card holder, a high-definition camera hidden in his shirt button, and a tiny headset in his ear.

He explained that the camera in his shirt button scanned the question paper, and the smartphone accessed AI to obtain the answers. He would listen to the answers through the headset to apply during the exam.

It’s further understood despite the intricacy of the setup, the boy’s suspicious behaviour during the exam attracted the attention of the teachers, which led to his exposure and subsequent arrest by the police.