Toxins found in sanitisers coming out of Mexico

3 years ago

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Not all hand -sanitisers are safe. The US food and drug administration has placed an “import alert” on all alcohol-based hand sanitisers coming out of Mexico. Following checks of the products, it was found that although labelled as containing ethanol, the products did, in fact, contain methanol or wood alcohol. Methanol is toxic when absorbed through the skin and if ingested is life-threatening.

In a release, the FDA said that 84% of the samples tested between April and December 2020 were found to contain toxic substances at dangerous levels.  According to the agency, “[ the] actions are necessary to protect the safe supply of alcohol-based hand sanitisers. We will continue to work with our stakeholders to ensure the availability of safe products and to communicate vital information with the health and safety of US consumers in mind.”

Since the start of the pandemic, the use of hand-sanitisers has become a prevalent necessity. However, consumers need to be vigilant. Recently a study showed that some children have had their eyes damaged from contact with hand-sanitisers, persons have reported allergic reactions after use, now this report of toxic hand- sanitisers requires even greater vigilance.