The chic guide to finding balance in life and work

1 year ago

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Life as a media personality and influencer can leave a lot on your plate and very little personal or self-care time. However, TV host Ashley Miller has found the secret to balancing the professional and the personal as part of her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. “A mixture of work, play, exercise, eating properly, and taking breaks is how I stay physically and mentally healthy,” she shared.

Miller’s commitment to balance is what led to her current role as an ambassador for Red Stripe’s Slow Sips campaign, which was created to amplify the message of responsible alcohol consumption.

In her capacity as a Slow Sips ambassador, she uses her platforms to demonstrate how mindful consumption can be a part of a vibrant, balanced, and healthy lifestyle.

According to Miller, successfully navigating the different parts of a busy life requires focus and hard work, but also knowing when to rest and recover to keep the mind and body fresh.

Ashley explained, “If you push yourself to your breaking point, taking a short break may not be enough to feel refreshed and recovered. To avoid getting to that point, I try to be aware of my body and shifts in my energy.

When I find that it’s taking extra energy to operate at my usual pace, I know I need to take a break. “Breaks are essential to maintaining balance. I don’t wait to the point of feeling overwhelmed before I take a break,” added Miller.

Of course, there will always be stressful moments in life which require coping mechanisms. Some people, unfortunately, turn to alcohol to help cope with their struggles, which can harm their health and productive life.

Ashley offered some valuable nuggets of wisdom to help those looking to find a healthy balance:

1. When you’re stressed, direct the energy elsewhere. Go outdoors, do an activity, go out to eat, or even call one of your closest friends and talk it out. There’s nothing wrong with occasionally having a drink but relying on alcohol as a crutch or a way to solve problems is when it becomes an issue.

2. Enjoy alcohol but enjoy it in moderation. You never want to reach the point of abuse. Know your limit and pace yourself. It’s not a race; sip slowly with your friends and have water in between drinks. You don’t have to turn to alcohol to relieve stress; there are other ways. Download a colouring app and discover your creative side or go on Pinterest and scroll through things that inspire you;

3. Explore enjoying yourself in social settings without getting to the point of inebriation. If you choose to drink when you go out, there’s nothing wrong with

that, but be mindful of your consumption. Monitor and be aware of yourself. If you start to feel a little buzz, drink some water, have something to eat, and stop drinking. Most importantly, ensure that you have a designated driver to get you home safely.

4. For partygoers, it‘s always better to be in a group and not go off alone. This is for safety in general, even when drinking isn’t involved.

5. Finally, listen to your body. You know when there is something different or something off. Trust your instincts.

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