Tessellated had productive 2020

3 years ago

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Despite the global events of 2020, one thing is certain, it was an amazing year for Tessellated. The release of the highly anticipated Tropics Vol.1 EP has hit over 5 million streams within just two weeks of its initial release. It has garnered attention from the entire industry plus the wider audience.

It was intended to be released during the summertime.

“Naturally the state of things this year threw off everybody’s plans in one way or another. Luckily most of the project was already finished from before things started kicking off so the creative process wasn’t affected much.”

he shared.

This being his first ever EP, he spent a great deal of time perfecting the project. His aim being to showcase himself holistically as an artiste and producer, giving his listeners a proper body of work they ultimately fall in love with;

“I’ve released a good amount of singles but the project holds much more weight to me”

Tess said.

He maintains the baseline Caribbean energy all while infusing elements from around the world

“Honestly most of that comes from spending a lot of time developing the sound of my music, both production and lyrics, to the point where I can be more conscious and consistent in making decisions about what I want things to sound like”

he shared.

Tropics, however, features producers like Circa 11, Alexander Storm, Tera Kòrá, Maxwell Davis, ANH, Swindail, Footsteps and Bayo— all bringing their own unique style to the project.

The visuals for his title track was created with cameos from other local artistes like Sevana and Naomi Cowan, directed by himself and Jesse Suchomel.

The video also highlights life in the tropics, covering an array of scenes from hillsides, jet-skiing on the sea and riding ATVs through the streets of Jamaica.

Tess also launched “Me and My Lady” IG TV Series in October. The track also happens to have a music video with an outlandish concept focusing on the beauty of women,

“After releasing the video, I was really thinking about the level of pure talent and intelligence of the women featured and realised it would be an injustice to only showcase their beauty while not properly highlighting all their personal achievements to my fans”

he said.

Tess’ distinct sound and production style has had an impact on the local and global market over the last few years, having worked with corporate giants like Apple and Sony. He’s without a doubt achieved tastemaker status within his industry. For next year we can expect more collaborations and partnerships from his team. His #NewYearWish is simply forward progression throughout 2021 as well as being able to perform live again.