St Mary suspect linked to multiple sexual assault allegations to be sentenced Friday

Racquel A. McKenzie

10 months ago

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A 38-year-old St Mary man who pleaded guilty to multiple counts of sexual assault is slated to be sentenced on Friday.

The accused, Sheridan Shepherd, was charged in 2021 with six counts of buggery, five counts of indecent assault, and one count of grievous sexual assault following an investigation into the sexual assault of nearly a dozen children over an unspecified period.

It is understood that the accused was detained last year in June after he was beaten by a mob who accused him of molesting children in several communities in St Mary.

Shepherd was later charged with molesting minors aged 6-12 following an intensive investigation.

Further reports also revealed that several parents from the Highgate community in the parish left their children in Shepherd’s care to receive psychological counselling.

These sessions according to the frustrated parents usually turn into sexual escapades.

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