Spotify more expensive than Apple Music following price hike

1 month ago

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Music streaming giant, Spotify has officially passed its rival Apple Music as the more expensive platform following their latest price hike.

The increase, which was announced earlier this year, officially went into effect on Monday and will see Spotify Premium Individual (previously $10.99) now priced at $11.99 per month, compared to $10.99 per month for Apple Music.

The price jump between the two platforms also includes its specialised packages.

Subscribers of Spotify’s “Family Plan” will now pay $19.99 for the deal, which is a $3.00 increase from its previous $16.99 price compared to Apple Music’s $16.99 for a similar package.

Spotify Premium Duo (previously $14.99), which allowed access for two accounts in the same household, is now priced at $16.99 – the same price as Apple Music’s family package, permitting six streamers.

A statement from the Sweden-based streaming company noted that new subscribers will be given a one-month at the previous rate ($10.99) after their free trial period ends before being adjusted to the current fee.