Small businesses encouraged to embrace technology

3 years ago

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ICT solutions provider, Flow Business Jamaica is encouraging small business owners to embrace digital opportunities for growth. The call to action was made during the recent Let’s Go Digital Virtual Conference and the Private Sector of Jamaica (PSOJ) Covid Cast podcast.

The Let’s Go Digital Virtual Conference was touted as a success after hosting extensive discussions with industry experts on the ways in which technology can improve the operations of small businesses. Flow Business Jamaica participated in the conference and shared insights into its suite of digital solutions and offered strategies for small business owners to reduce costs, improve customer engagement and increase operational efficiency.

Speaking at the Let’s Go Digital Conference, Berlitz Maldonado, Product Director, B2B Connectivity and Security Product Management, Cable & Wireless Communications said, “we’re encouraging small business owners to move away from the fear of technology and towards a growth mindset which leverages technology. Customers and suppliers are moving online and so should small businesses.”

The message of going digital to achieve growth was also shared by Rochell Myers, Acting Director, Flow Business Jamaica during last week’s PSOJ Covid Cast podcast.

Speaking broadly about the benefits of partnering with Flow Business, Myers said, “we are giving small businesses the opportunity to grow. We have listened to them, we understand the impact of the pandemic on this sector, and we are offering what they need most – connectivity, accessibility and smart solutions to take their business online.”

Myers continued, “we provide end-to-end ICT and collaboration solutions from as low as USD20. Customers will benefit from the affordability and simplicity of our solutions. Imagine having a physical shop with payment facilities in a virtual space – we make that possible.”

The business executive encouraged small businesses to select Flow Business as their trusted ICT partner to get the best tech at the best price.