Should all PPVs be routed through HWT Transport Centre?

3 years ago

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The Transport Authority (TA) is seeking feedback from the public on a proposal to route all public passenger vehicles (PPVs) that travel in and out of Half-Way Tree, through the Transport Centre.                                                                                             

TA Acting Managing Director, Willard Hylton, said there has been discussion around the matter, which he describes as a “sore point”, for some time.         

“Everybody complains about the congestion, so we have been discussing the idea of routing all of the PPVs through the Transport Centre,” he said, adding that the Centre is currently underutilized. The move, Hylton said, would see the relocation of taxis and mini-buses off major roadways, traveling through the Centre and exiting on to Eastwood Park Road.

The Acting Managing Director said the idea is not for them to park in the Transport Centre but to drop off, so that the people can board the buses to continue their journey.

“So that is the thinking, free Half-Way Tree by getting them into the Centre,” Mr. Hylton added.           

He pointed out that the design of the Centre is to provide an opportunity for commuter exchange, “so if you only have one form of PPV going into the Centre, the exchange is not being made where it was intended to be”.

 “If we can create the passenger exchange within the confines of the Centre, it will make life a lot more convenient for the operators – more orderly – and also for the commuters,” he argued.