Richie Stephens says he is “scared” about taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

3 years ago

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His disclosure, made in an Instagram Live post, comes days after the United States, England and Canada started began vaccinating frontline workers against the diseases that has killed more than 1,643,339 
people across the world in the past year.

The ‘Winner’ singer, who described the times as “very uncertain”, suggested that the Government may implement policies that force Jamaicans to take the vaccine.

“A lot of people very scared about this whole vaccine thing,” the singer said as he embarked on a walking exercise. He recommended that persons embrace exercise as a way of strengthening their immune system, which he said would make them less susceptible to illnesses.

On the matter of the vaccine, Richie Stephens said that the Government is powerful and could implement policies to ensure people take the jab.

“They can do certain mandatory things; stop you from flying, stop you from doing business in order to force you to take that vaccine. We don’t know,” the singer said.

The Government is yet to indicate how it will go about getting people to agree to take the COVID-19 vaccine, the first dose of which is unlikely to be in Jamaica before April. 

Health and Wellness Minister, the honourable Dr Christopher Tufton said that 16 per cent of the population  will get the jab in the first phase of the vaccination programme. Frontline workers such as doctors and nurses, and vulnerable Jamaicans will be among the first to get the vaccine.

Prime the Most Honourable Minister Andrew and former Prime Ministers Bruce Golding and the Most Honourable P.J. Patterson said they will be taking the vaccine.

Internationally acclaimed entertainer Shaggy said he intends to be first in line to get the vaccine.