Putting good use to idle lands

3 years ago

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Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Floyd Green is on a mission to boost production in the agriculture sector. In his drive for development through research, he hopes that farmers will have the right techniques and crops in place to combat climate change. A big part of his plan is also to ensure that agricultural lands are used for farming.

According to the Minister, the “highest threat” to farmlands is lack of use, adding that good lands are available for food cultivation, but persons holding them have not been using them for that purpose.

Green shared that the Sugar Company of Jamaica Holdings (SCJH), has been asked to “accelerate” the use of the many parcels of land they have and that the Agro-Investment Corporation (AIC) has been advised to go on a drive across the country, and engage private owners of farm lands and encourage them to lease the lands to farmers.

“What I want over the next two years is to embark on a robust campaign to drive up our production,”

the Minister told his audience at an event at Denbigh Agricultural Showground in Clarendon recently. He also confirmed that the support from the service agencies would also be improved, so that the country can be on a path of steady production of crops