Private companies seeking vaccine for their employees

3 years ago

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Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, has praised private sector entities taking steps to get their staff vaccinated against the COVID-19.

“I was informed that many private sector companies are seeking to ensure that they can get supplies of COVID-19 vaccines for their staff,”
he said.

The Prime Minister said this demonstrates that they are “not just waiting on the government,” but are being proactive by taking steps to source vaccines.

“But that, of course, there will be an overarching policy to ensure that whatever vaccine is acquired is approved by the government and that the distribution and administration are along the lines of policy set out by the government,”

he added.

Holness noted Jamaica’s participation in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access (COVAX) Facility which, he said, will enable equal access by member countries to vaccines, regardless of income levels.

He said, however, that out of an abundance of caution, “the government is not relying wholly and solely on COVAX,” but is “continuously seeking supplies through other sources.”