PM Holness excited about benefits of coding programme

3 years ago

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Thousands of young Jamaicans will be trained as software developers to create cutting-edge technologies through the Amber HEART Coding Academy.

Mr Holness said that the coding academy will significantly improve the employability of citizens, particularly the nation’s youth, and serve as the catalyst for a new age of digital transformation locally.

He noted that the development of the academy is the first step in creating a coding industry in the country, which will position Jamaica as a technological leader in the region.

“The services that you could provide as a result of this is incredible; the benefits, exponential. It will create a totally new industry, providing new opportunities for young Jamaicans,”

he noted.

National Coordinator for the HOPE Programme and Board Member, HEART NSTA/Trust, Colonel Martin Rickman shared,

“This initial phase is a pilot project where we have engaged 100 participants in two cohorts of 50. These participants will be engaged in an intensive and immersive six-month training programme taught by a team of highly qualified master coders from the Amber Group, after which they will undergo a six-month internship programme,”

Col. Rickman said the hands-on internship programme will see the participants develop software programmes alongside senior developers.

Founder and CEO of the Amber Group, Dushyant Savadia, said that the software development continues to be the fastest-growing sector in the world.

He noted that last year, the market was valued at US$487 billion and it is anticipated that it will grow to over US$507 billion in 2021.

“We, however, expect that the industry’s value will exceed this projection because more businesses are incorporating greater technology as a result of this pandemic,”

Savadia said.

“Jamaica is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this growing need. We are an English-speaking country, we have the talent, and now, through the Amber HEART Academy, we will build the competencies,”

he pointed out.