PM Holness confident new COVID measures will get numbers down

3 years ago

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Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, says he is confident that the measures put in place by the Government to contain transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19), will bring the numbers down.

            “The measures that we have put in place… will have a lag effect. So measures that we put in place two weeks ago, we are not going to see the impact, until two to three weeks, because it takes several incubation cycles to see the impact,” he noted.

He noted that the restrictions that will start on the weekend “will have a more immediate effect, because they are stronger, but the real effect will be several weeks in advance”.

            “They will get the numbers down, I am confident of that,”

Holness said during the sitting of the House of Representatives on March 23.

            The new measures, including expanded weekend curfews beginning March 27, form part of provisions under the Disaster Risk Management Act to curtail the spread of COVID-19 in Jamaica.