Old school deejay Sister Charmaine has died

3 years ago

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In the 1980s, songs including Granny Advice and the X-rated Glammity were big hits in the dancehall for a teenaged deejay named Sister Charmaine.

Sister Charmaine died this morning inside her apartment in The Bronx, New York. She was 53.

Fellow deejay Macka Diamond was in shock when she heard of Sister Charmaine’s passing.

“Rest in Peace to Sister Charmaine. One of dancehall’s female legends. I feel so sad,”

she commented in a post on Facebook.

According to Lady Ann, best known for the 1981 hit Informer, Sister Charmaine died in her sleep.

“She went to bed and just didn’t wake up,”

said Lady Ann. Both have been close friends for a number of years.

Sister Charmaine, real name Charmaine McKenzie has resided in The Bronx since the mid-1990s. Originally from Arnett Gardens in Kingston 12, she was discovered by producer Winston Riley, whose Techniques label produced several of her hit songs including We Have the Body, Hol a Rest and Man Look Nice.

In the 1980s, Sister Charmaine was a regular staple at stage shows including Sting, Fresh, Border Clash and DJ Roll Call.

She died leaving a daughter and a granddaughter.