New Salaries: Rules set out for Ministers and MPs

Shannon-Dale Reid

7 days ago

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Prime Minister Andrew Holness during a press briefing on Monday, May 22, started his address by highlighting his administration’s work in reforming sectors such as housing, education, and urban development. He also pointed to the contentious compensation review for government workers and how it would and will better impact them – from the pension side.

For politicians, he said there “has always been a hot potato” and that his Administration is facing mounting criticisms for massive increases for members of the political directorate.

With a call for a rollback, he said “This government takes the time to properly analyse, deliberate, and yes, agonise over making these decisions.”

The PM also said they don’t make decisions lightly and “We don’t make them trying to ignore how you feel about your politicians. I want you to appreciate that.”

He added that a few measures will be in place going forward:

  1. Written job description to be tabled in parliament.
  2. Code of ethics has been enhanced for MPs and Ministers – will be reviewed at the next Cabinet.
  3. Financial penalties for unexplained absences from sittings of Parliament and Committee Meetings.
  4. Written accountability reports by MPs Parliament – report to be removed by committees.
  5. Special courses of training for MPs and Senators – to be certified – the first course will be parliamentary procedures, practices, and standing order.
  6. Ministers will be publishing targets and policy goals. To be tabled as Ministry Paper.

The PM also said he and his team is “taking on so many transformational things all at once” that he has been left with the thought that “your progress is not always pardoned.”

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