New CEO appointed at Dequity Capital Management Limited

3 years ago

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Dequity Capital Management Limited has announced the selection of Adrian Smith as their new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  

Dequity Capital noted that Mr Smith holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Tampa.

The selection of ths new CEO was based on his experience as the Executive Wealth Advisor at NCB Capital Markets as well as leadership roles at Stocks and Securities Limited. Smith has also  been successful in raising over J$1 billion for two IPOs within the Jamaican Stock Market. 

Mr Smith says he’s confident Dequity will be able to continue to build on its admirable track record of identifying and growing winning companies while creating significant value for its shareholders.

Dequity Capital is a St Lucian-based investment company that recently decided to expand and diversify its market in Jamaica- and now has offices in Kingston. 

Upon entering the Jamaican market, Dequity Capital Management has signed off on equity stakes in businesses valuing in excess of US 4 million dollars spanning across various industries including Financial Services, Real Estate, Business Process Outsourcing, and Healthcare.

Dequity Capital Management further noted that it is prepared to seek out business opportunities that others have overlooked or rejected on a risk basis where it sees the hidden value or at times create new companies where it observes existing problems and a solution that may be commercialized and scaled.

Dequity Management says it is committed to continuing to follow this philosophy as it expands into new and growing markets.