Mount Olivet Boy’s Home to get skills training facility

3 years ago

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Plans are under way to develop a HEART/NSTA Trust-certified facility on the grounds of the Mount Olivet Boys’ Home in Walderston, Manchester, where persons will benefit from skills training in woodwork and welding.

Director of the home, Patrick Newman, says that the work will start as soon as the boys are relocated to the new state-of-the-art building being constructed on the premises.

The plan is to transform one of the two small dorms in which the boys are currently being housed, into the skills training centre. “About May 2021, we should see some work starting on these plans,” Mr. Newman says.

 “The Sandals Foundation is planning to turn [one of the old dorms] into a woodwork and welding shop and we’re trying to get it HEART-certified, so that the boys who show an interest in these areas and persons outside of the home in the wider community  can register and attend classes. This is going to help us to generate some income and provide an opportunity for persons to be certified,” he shared.

The new building, which is being developed by the YB Afraid Foundation, will accommodate the boys in one large space.

“We will move into our new building and it should be ready by April 2021. All the boys will be in that space. They will be more comfortable there and we are trying to get persons to assist them as it relates to school on the weekends. They have missed out on a lot of school because of COVID-19,” Mr Newman said.