More Discord Within the PNP

Codeth Cameron

4 years ago

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The People’s National Party (PNP) Vice President, Damion Crawford, is the latest indicator of more internal discord within the party after a telephone conversation with him was leaked recently. In the recording, he can be heard claiming his popularity is far more than that of Lisa Hanna’s and he also raised concerns about the new party President Mark Golding.

“Mark is the most ready for the next two years. Election is not in the next two years and we can’t change [the president] again” Crawford shared.

The dissension in the party has been ongoing but it was heightened by the Phillips vs Bunting Presidential race and is said to be the reason behind the defeat in the September polls.

Public Affairs Commentator, Jaevion Nelson says that it is unrealistic for the public to expect unity within the party especially after Mark Golding’s election to the presidency recently. He also says that the party should focus on rebuilding internal harmony for now.

“I think what’s important now is that the party focuses on what it needs to do to bring people to the table and to have the necessary conversations on how do you repair the party and restore some of the confidence in the party.  Most importantly, how do you also deal with the challenges that surround the disdain some might have for each other and the struggle for power in the party.” Nelson said in an interview.

The question that now remains is what does the future of the PNP look like?  A representative of President Mark Golding was contacted but declined to comment any more than to say that they are “dealing with the matter internally”.