MOCA to become an independent agency

3 years ago

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The Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) will become an independent agency at the start of the next financial year on April 1.

Minister of National Security Dr Horace Chang made the announcement in a statement on Wednesday.

“Since its establishment in 2018, MOCA has consistently conducted its investigations and operations with the highest level of quality and integrity, and has always done so independently,”

Chang said in the statement.

According to Chang, the Appointed Date Notice is a requirement under the MOCA Act and is a crucial step in the establishment of the independent, specialised law enforcement agency.

The announcement comes after months of collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Public Service, which finalised the conditions and terms of service for MOCA officers.

It also follows the approval of the MOCA (Code and Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures) Regulations in March.

“MOCA continues to demonstrate diligence in fulfilling its mandate to target organised crime and corruption, and to investigate and corroborate the evidence necessary to prosecute perpetrators of these serious crimes, including cyber-crimes,”

Chang said.

He said the government commits to addressing crime and corruption and noted that the Appointed Date Notice will be gazetted shortly and all other administrative procedures will be established.