Minister Hall to return to dancehall for Christ

3 years ago

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Minister Marion Hall says she will be returning to the dancehall scene in the new year, but she no intention of challenging for the crown she relinquished when she got baptized in December 2015.

“Me a guh slap some dancehall gospel in the name of Jesus,” Hall said in a social media live on Christmas Day.

Before her conversion to Christianity, Minister Hall was a raunchy dancehall artiste who reigned supreme in the space. She said that she will be dropping “two bombs” in hell on New Year’s Day as she continues her mission to win souls from the Kingdom of God.

“Make way for Minister Hall, no longer the queen of dancehall but I am coming into the dancehall to bring souls into the church hall,”

she said.

The holy ghost-filled entertainment said that she would love to perform on Sting and Reggae Sumfest again.

“I want to go to all the major concerts to standup and declare that Jesus is Lord and I am not after of the Gospel of Christ,”

Minister Hall said.

“I want to turn nonbelievers into believers,”

she said.

The declaration from Minister Hall that she would be returning to the dancehall comes approximately one week after her name became mixed up in claims that she was involved in obeah. She has vigorously disputed the claims that were made my self-styled readerman RT Boss.

“Devil bwoy, yuh jus come and knock on the wrong door…. I have some missile when I drop them the word of God will penetrate,”

Lady Saw said in her video.

The reference to Devil Bwoy did not appear to be aimed at any individual but rather the enemy of God’s people.

“I am going in to win,” Minister Hall said as he pledged to go to the highways and byways to win souls.

“Dancehall look out for me. Welcome the evangelist of dancehall,”

the minister said.

She said that she will not be dressed in b-riders and “I am not going in to do stripper videos.” The evangelist also said that she is not seeking to reclaim any crown.

Mi dash weh the crown me nuh waah be nuh queen

Leave me alone and come offa me screen

All up pon me life like dem waah to be seen

Tek a block cause yuh too unclean.

The Minister sang.