Minister Grange committed to providing equal opportunities for all women

3 years ago

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The Honourable Olivia Grange Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport spoke today about how much women have achieved even throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic. She was speaking at the International Women’s Day Panel Discussion which was hosted by the European Union.

The Theme for the discussion was “Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a “COVID-19 World”

Minister Grange shared just how much more women are involved in politics and that even with progress there was more to be done. 

 “Yes, there is much more for us to accomplish in leadership but we as women have come a long way…2020 was a historic year for women in Jamaican politics – with a record 28.57% or 18 women being elected Members of Parliament, along with 38% or 8 female senators sworn into the Upper House” 

shared Minister Grange

She explained that the introduction of COVID-19 has put a lot of women on the front lines – as health care workers, caregivers, community organizers and innovators. She went on to say while it showed the contributions and achievements of our women, it showed the inequalities.   

“Many women have lost jobs; or have had to leave employment to care for children or the elderly. And violence is still a horrific reality for some of them. Women and girls, families and communities in our country continue to experience the effects and consequences of gender-based violence.”

she said.

She also shared that if we continue to work together, we can eliminate violence and help women live better lives.  

The Gender Minister stated that she will be taking a Gender Transformative Leadership Approach, which means the planning and execution of transparent, equitable and gender-sensitive initiatives and projects. 

“This ensures that emphasis is placed on the needs of the most vulnerable, with specific focus on women and girls, the elderly, persons with disabilities, rural women and the working poor.”   

The Minister stated.