Military aide will hand over nuclear football to Biden

3 years ago

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The Inauguration of the US President is usually marked by several traditions.

In the said ceremony, the outgoing president usually hands over the “president’s emergency satchel,” or “Nuclear Football” to the incoming president symbolizing a transition of power. However, for the first time in the nuclear age, the sitting president will not be attending his successor’s inauguration ceremony.
This of course means that this segment of the inauguration ceremony will have to be handled differently.

According to a U.S. official, President Trump has elected to be elsewhere with one of the “president’s emergency satchel,” until 11:59:59 a.m. Wednesday when his tenure as president officially concludes.

The rationale for President Trump’s decision remains unclear allowing troubling speculations to fester.

In any case, the US official maintains that the ceremony will go on. A military aide with a second nuclear football will hand over the authority to Biden once he is sworn in. At which point, President Trump’s command will be effectively terminated and the satchel with be brought back to Washington