Mavado says goodbye to his mother

2 years ago

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Dancehall artiste Mavado says goodbye to his mother in heartfelt Instagram post.

After you told me that your feeling much better and your telling us that your ready to go back at your house I feel so good when you said that to me on the phone mama still can’t believe it now I’m all alone can’t trust no one but I could always put my life in your hands from I was A kid it was always me and you walking up and down Constant Spring road them days my little sister was just a baby them days I always said as a kid I’m going to buy you the biggest house and the prettiest car when I grow up l build you the biggest house I keep my promise mama I did it and the world will remember US me and you Jah know have never felt like this before wow my best friend gone.

He wrote on Instagram.

Reports are that Elizabeth ‘Ms. Pinny’ Gordon, died suddenly at a hospital in Kingston last night.

The cause of death is unknown.

Colleagues and fans have been expressing condolences since the news broke yesterday.

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