Malahoo Forte tells MPs to turn in criminals

3 years ago

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Judge-turned-politican, Marlene Malahoo Forte has challenged her colleagues to use their knowledge of the constituencies in which they campaign to rid the country of criminality.

The second term Member of Parliament for St James West Central, said politicians tend to have knowledge of a lot of things in their areas.

“When you run a seat you come in contact with just about everybody because you looking votes,” said Malahoo Forte who also ran in Central Westmoreland in a losing effort in 2011.

“Hear is what I say; yuh si we, we are in a special place to say to them, whether you vote for us or not, we don’t condone wrongdoing,” added the woman who now serves as Jamaica’s attorney general.

“My last plea is for all of us politicians to go out into the nooks and crannies of our constituencies and say to those who we know are part of the criminal element in this country that enough is enough and we will not condone it for the vote. We will not turn a blind eye to it for the vote and if needs be, turn them in,” 

Malahoo Forte said.