Lisa Hanna shares powerful IWD message

3 years ago

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Parliamentarian Lisa Hanna has issued a powerful message to females as the world observes International Women’s Day.

Hanna, a former minister with responsibility for gender affairs, likened women to lionesses who must hunt to keep the pride alive.

“It’s not the roar of the lion that brings down the animal, but rather the stratagem of lionesses whose hunting agility uses teamwork. We’re all still hunting; some of us for a job, for survival and physical safety, for inspiration, for a space to be heard, for peace of mind, or just acknowledgement of our purpose and worth,” Hanna said in a social media post.

Currently the opposition spokesperson on foreign affairs, Hanna has been member of parliament for South East St Ann since 2007. She recently fell short in her bid to lead the People’s National Party. However, the former Miss World said that “If there’s anything my experiences have taught me, it’s never buy into the belief that we’re not ready, not smart enough, or not strong enough. The worst thing we can do to ourselves is be contrite in deference to the ingrained discrimination and prejudices that have existed for generations”.

She continued: “Let’s stop apologizing for taking tough decisions, fearful of being labeled aggressive.

We must continue to progress —- choosing to courageously challenge and fight the inequitable status quo.

To every woman, young lady and little girl – you are smart enough, you are strong, you are beautiful and you are special. As lionesses we must stick together, the rewards are greater when we hunt as an entire Pride.”