Learner Driver Education programme ingenious

11 months ago

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The learner-driver education programme has so far been implemented in four secondary institutions islandwide.

The programme which targets beginner drivers at the high school level with lessons and a written assessment has so far been implemented in York Castle High, St. Jago and Jonathon Grant High Schools.

Transport and Mining Minister, Hon. Audley Shaw, stated that the initiative will ensure students learn proper techniques that help them to become safe and responsible drivers. 

Minister Shaw said the Ministry of Transport is committed to working with schools, the Ministry of Education and Youth, and communities, to ensure that young persons are equipped with the tools they need to make smart and informed decisions when it comes to driving on our roads.

A total of 22 students and 7 teachers at Little London High School sat the Island Traffic Authority’s written road-code test recently. If successful, they will receive their learner’s permit, which will allow them to operate a motor vehicle, accompanied by a licensed driver. 

The Transport Minister noted that the Ministry’s Road Safety Unit (RSU) constantly receives reports about unqualified and inexperienced young people driving motor vehicles. 

With accident levels increasing daily, Minister Shaw pointed out that the transport ministry is looking to curtail this occurrence through the new initiative. 

Minister Shaw said; “This is why the Island Traffic Authority and the Road Safety Unit are working with the schools across the island to ensure that the road code is understood and applied, when traversing the roadways. Through this programme, high-school students will be able to take the road-code test, which covers a wide range of topics related to road safety.”

Mr. Shaw further noted that areas such as road and vehicular safety, defensive driving theory, practical driving skills and getting the learner’s permit are being covered under the programme. 

“There are many potential benefits. It will help to reduce the number of crashes caused by inexperienced drivers, improve driving skills by teaching young people the rules of the road and proper driving techniques, increase confidence,” said Minister Shaw.