KSAMC disputes claim that the homeless were not fed during weekend lockdown

3 years ago

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The Kingston and St Andrew Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) is distraught that a news story aired in primetime on Sunday, March 28, 2021 suggested that homeless persons in the Corporate Area were not fed during the weekend lockdown.

For the record, the KSAMC operates a Soup Kitchen and serves two daily meals (breakfast and dinner) amounting to approximately 1200 meals per day. Last weekend was no different as meals were prepared and served by staff members and volunteers from several church organizations to hundreds of homeless persons.

“The KSAMC has, under this administration placed priority to the care for vulnerable groups. We have ensured daily meals, additional shelters and programmes to assist in their care and nutrition. We are most disappointed by the news report and the misinformation it has released into the public”,

Mayor Williams stated.

He added that KSAMC staff along with volunteers included the Bethel Baptist Church in Half Way Tree, went out on the lockdown weekend to prepare meals and served over 500 homeless persons across the municipality.

Last year, at the beginning of the pandemic, the KSAMC spear-headed the establishment of a new shelter for the homeless which involves feeding and lodging facilities and also serves as means of ensuring the safety and security of one of the most vulnerable set of persons within the municipality.

Furthermore, designated feeding areas are still fully functional today and provide a suitable environment with well trained professionals and caregivers who are ready to provide optimal care for the homeless.

Mayor Williams expressed that the Poor Relief staff and several volunteers were quite disappointed to hear that the station had suggested that homeless persons were not fed.

At least one person from the newscast was identified as being someone who was fed over the weekend according to the KSAMC.

The mayor is requesting that the KSAMC’s position on this matter be carried as prominently as the erroneous broadcast last evening.