Kaylan’s emotional fight

3 years ago

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Kaylan Dowdie, the teenager who was brutally beaten in a vicious attack allegedly by five women at an illegal party on November 7, is having mood swings while she recovers, her mother Veneshia Buckley said.

According to Buckley, while Kaylan is steadily making progress medically, the usually joyful 17-year-old, demeanour has now changed.

“Sometimes she grumpy, sometimes she calm, sometimes frustrated, sometimes she has panic attack and sometimes she has anxiety attack. A whole lot of stuff is happening with her,” Buckley said in an interview with Sleek.

Five women allegedly beat Kaylan on the night of November 7 after being involved in a brawl at the party that was disobeying the Disaster Risk Management Act regulations by the government.

The former Papine High School student was in a coma at the intensive care unit at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) for some time, while undergoing three surgeries as she fights to recover.

According to Buckley, Kaylan recently got her speech back and also started to move body parts, which is a relief to her.

“The doctors are saying that she is improving and I am happy as that’s what I want,”

Buckley said with a laugh, while also admitting that other family members also pleased with the progress the teen is making.

The five women have been arrested and charged for allegedly beating and injuring Kaylan.