Jamaican receives Guinness World Record

3 years ago

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Jamaican Brandon Chin Loy can boast that he has a Guinness World Record. Brandon and five other members of a multi-national team achieved the most chest to ground burpees ever recorded in 24 hours, set in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), earlier this year.
The goal to set the world record was 6,000 burpees and the team did 12,502.

A true test of endurance, a burpee is a two-part exercise – a push up followed by a leap in the air.

He shared that several students and staff members of New York University decided to undertake the challenge as a means of maintaining their physical and emotional well-being during the time of uncertainty because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other members of the team achieving the feat were Eva Clarke (Australi, Anna Erdi (Hungary), Daniel Gill (United Kingdom), Tereza Petrovicova (Czech Republic), and Ivan Camponogara (Italy).

The team, completed the challenge from their different locations in the UAE via the video conferencing service, Zoom, to facilitate social distancing.

The challenge was organised in relay format, with one person performing burpees for 10 minutes at a time.
“Once the 10 minutes were up, someone had to immediately start as soon as the other person stopped. This was done over a 24-hour period. We managed to set the minimum record (6,000 burpees) in about seven hours and then we went up to 16 hours to get the 12,502 burpees and that, ultimately, allowed us to set the record,” he explains.

The young record holder says he is excited and proud to have represented his country in the challenge.