How to get back your security deposit from your landlord

3 years ago

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The Rent Services Unit is reminding tenants that the timely return of property keys to landlords and meeting other conditions after the termination of a rental agreement, are part of their responsibilities.

            “Return the keys after you leave, because if you don’t and another due date comes, you may have to pay a full month’s rent,” Director of the Unit, Shenese Headlam, shared.

          “So, bear that in mind and return your key. Do not leave it anywhere at the property or on the grill, give it to your landlord in hand. Do not mail it either. Ensure that your landlord gets it in hand,”

Headlam emphasised.

            She also pointed out that the condition in which the property is left is also the responsibility of the tenant.

            “The tenant has to give back the property with fair wear and tear to the property. So, you expect that there are things that are going to be soiled, and so on, but the tenant is supposed to ensure that he or she cleans the property well before they leave it,”  

she added.

            One of the main issues tenants bring to the Unit is the return of security deposits.

Headlam shared that, legally, adequate notice must be given for this to be accommodated.

            “If the tenant is leaving, what we usually tell the tenant is that you have to give the landlord 30 days’ notice that you will be leaving the premises in order for you to get your security deposit back. In the event that you do not give that notice, then you may not get the deposit back,”

Headlam said.