High vaccine take-up in St Elizabeth

3 years ago

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Parish Manager for the St Elizabeth Health Services, Sean Brissett, says the parish continues to meet and exceed daily expectations regarding the COVID-19 vaccination rollout to priority groups.

“I believe that we are doing very well and on most days we have surpassed our targets by sometimes 100 per cent,” Brissett shared.

He noted that the successful rollout of the programme in St Elizabeth began on March 10, and so far, more than 50 per cent of healthcare professionals have been vaccinated as well as members of the security forces.

Brissett said persons 75 years and older are currently being vaccinated, with health teams across the parish’s various vaccination sites reporting huge daily turnouts.

            “Overall, they have responded very well and they have shown a keen interest to be vaccinated. One day alone, we vaccinated some 500 persons,” he said.

Vaccination sites have been set up at health centres in Black River, Santa Cruz, Junction, Southfield, Balaclava and Maggoty.

“We provide them (members of the public) with as much information as possible. Our Medical Officer of Health, Dr Tonia Dawkins-Beharie, has been marshalling the team in a wonderful way and they have been responding and doing their best,” Mr Brissett said.

In the meantime, he is urging persons to make an appointment based on their priority group and take the vaccine. He noted that there are strong benefits in taking the vaccine from a personal and national standpoint.

 “We have seen the confirmed cases going up, we have seen the death rates going up and we have seen the positivity rates going up. So, I believe this [vaccine] is one of the solutions to really reduce and cut back on that rate. I believe that vaccine is the light at the end of the tunnel to solve this problem,”  Brissett said.