Frazer’s Content residents happy with beautification project

3 years ago

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A major beautification project is being undertaken in the community of Frazer’s Content in St Catherine, at a cost of $6 million provided by the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo).

         Member of Parliament for West Central St Catherine, Dr Christopher Tufton, told said that the entire stretch of road from the entrance to the community will see zinc fences removed and replaced with concrete walls, on which appropriate artwork will be done by students from the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts.

         “It is about enhancing the beauty and quality of the community that the residents live in. It is important for the psyche of the community, and it captures the themes that we have discussed with them, and what they want to reflect in the community,”

the MP said.

         Dr Tufton, who is also the Minister of Health and Wellness, added that on a weekly basis, thousands of people traverse the area to access a major business entity, and the upgrading will be

“a good reflection on those who are passing by, as well as on those who reside here”.

         “It is about peace, community spirit and working together. I do believe that where you reside must reflect how you think, and this is what the idea is about,”

he said, adding that residents of the community have embraced the project and are treating it as their own.

         Resident of the area, Bernice Taylor, says she is thankful for what is being done in the community.

          “I hope all of the community will be like this, because it is a wonderful thing.”

          Resident, Maxine Findlay, said she is

“pleased with what they have done in my community; it looks so beautiful”.

         Another resident, Odane Lennon, said already the community is on an uplifting path.

         “We have a nice-looking mural, and the front is looking very attractive. Everybody passing has to stop and look at it. The painters have done a wonderful job. Everybody should help to keep it clean because it represents the community,”

he said.