Five healthcare workers reassigned in relation to missing vaccine

3 years ago

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Three public health nurses and two doctors have been reassigned in the wake of a vial of COVID-19 vaccine going missing at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in St James.

Errol Greene, the regional director of the Western Regional Health Authority, said that the disappearance of the vaccine is “maybe” an inside job.

“Nobody could come from outside and pick up a vial of vaccine given the tight custody that we have,” Green said in an interview on Nationwide Radio on Tuesday evening.

Each vial of COVID-19 vaccine contains 10 doses of the jab.  It was discovered missing on Monday evening. A high profile probe is now underway. Green said that footage from CCTV in and around the vaccination site have been collected as part of the investigation.

He is not prepared to say that the vaccine has been stolen. He said that the personnel who have been reassigned  were part of a team that was distributing the vaccine at the site.