First-year students robbed of ‘Freshers’ experience

Jeniel Lamb

3 years ago

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First year UWI students are missing out on the full fresher experience! The pandemic has really impacted things that many took for granted. 

They haven’t been able to join any clubs, interact with the eccentric the student body and experience Integration in its full swing. Because of COVID-19, these students are being deprived of the life that generations before them have accredited for the links and friendships they’ve created.

The idea that students don’t know what it’s like to sit in the cold tents, booklets handed to you by a disinterested invigilator and the buzzing of multiple students worrying about what is on the paper. 

Guild President Sujae Boswell shared that he indeed believes that both 2019 first years and the 2020 first years have been deprived of important moments in their UWI experience- Carnival, Home Coming and Fetes were missed by the first years .

 “The traditional fresher’s fete, the freshers cocktail where students would have been able to network with professionals and other students, the general orientation processes- living on campus and communal perspective- that create bonds over time has been lost” 

Said Mr Boswell

He shares that the experiences that would make the UWI Experience have been lost in this pandemic because face-to-face interactions were the backbone of campus life. 

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