Eight charged in connection with illegal party

3 years ago

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Lawmen in St James have charged eight persons for breaches of the Disaster Risk Management Act in connection with an illegal party held after the stipulated curfew hours in Providence Heights in the parish on Saturday, January 2

Charged are:

  1. Naliyah Anderson, 18, of Tivoli Gardens, Kingston 14.
  2. Chrisante Campbell, 23, of McKenzie Drive, Flanker in St James.
  3. Casey-Ann Lewis, 22, of Norwood, St James
  4. DeneishaHaddo, 29, of Providence Heights, St James.
  5. Shanik Wade, 25, of Yallahs, St Thomas.
  6. Jody-Ann Campbell, 30, of Flanker, St James.
  7. Noelle Leslie, 21, of Flanker, St James.
  8. Mye Berstad, 22, of Providence Heights, St James.

Their court dates are being finalised.