Dutch sperm donor facing legal action to stop 500+ children count

Stevian Francis

2 months ago

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A Dutch sperm donor who is said to have fathered over 500 children is reportedly facing legal action in a bid to stop him from continuing his “obsessive’ donations and fathering more children.

According to reports; The 41-year-old man identified as Jonathan Jacob Meijer, a musician has allegedly fathered at least 550 children around the world.

It’s against this background that a woman who claims to have conceived a child using his donated sperm in 2018, has filed a lawsuit along with the Donorkind Foundation, an organization that stands up for the rights of donor children.

Euro News reports that a man referred to as Jacob M (Meijer) in the Dutch press – has donated his sperm to at least 13 clinics in the Netherlands and overseas, according to the foundation.

This volume of donation is in direct contravention against reported guidelines which state that; “one person may donate sperm for up to 25 offspring or for 12 families to prevent incest relations and protect the mental health of donor children.”

According to the Daily Mail, the woman identified as Eva; shared her disgust at the activity, as she lamented on reportedly being misled by the accused in a statement.

“If I had known he had already fathered more than a hundred children, I would never have chosen this donor,” the statement said.

“When I think about the consequences this can have for my child, I get a feeling of [the] gut and I become insecure about his future: how many more children are added?”

“Going to court is the only way to protect my child,” she continued.

It’s further reported that the dutchman had already been blacklisted in 2017 by the Dutch Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, following revelations that he had more than ‘100 donor children across ten different clinics in the Netherlands

Eva also wants all his sperm still in storage to be destroyed, unless it has been reserved for a woman who already has one of his children.

The Daily Mail reports that the foundation’s chairman Ties van der Meer; noted that they are “taking action against this man because the national government is doing nothing.”

 Adding that; “He has a global reach via [the] internet and he does business with large, international sperm banks.”

Donorkind’s lawyer Mark de Hek also commented: “This behavior is dangerous for the mental well-being and health of donor children. By preferring his reproductive urge, the donor is acting unlawfully.”

“In addition, he violates the agreements with the clinics and with the prospective parents, because they trusted his promise that he would father a maximum of 25 children.”

The man at the center of the controversy has yet to publicly respond at time of reporting.

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