Dr Dayton suggest ways to flatten COVID curve

3 years ago

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Last week there were record-breaking numbers in COVID cases in Jamaica. Public pressure on the Government of Jamaica for solutions to flatten the curve has been increasing along with calls to assisst the the unemployed and low income earners.

SLEEK spoke to opposition MP Dr Dayton Campbell to get his recommendations on strategies the government can employ to get COVID cases down and usher Jamaica into the anticipated post-pandemic era.

Dr Campbell implores the government to better control movement. He explains that this can be achieved through tighter Work-From-Home orders, the closing of Jamaica’s borders to vacation seeking tourists and more community lockdowns.

Another suggestion the opposition member had was to facilitate a more sophisticated testing process for persons potentially carrying the COVID-19 virus. He added that contact tracing is especially important to be able combat high case numbers and lessening community spread.

Finally, Dr Campbell also urged the release of a more comprehensive vaccination programme.