Should the soldier who killed the Azan employee be charged?

3 years ago

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The office of the Director of Public prosecution is to rule shortly on whether charges should be laid against a JDF soldier who shot and killed an Azan employee last Thursday.

The incident occurred at the Crossroads branch Azan Supercenter, reportedly in full view or shoppers and another member of the security forces who was also not on duty.

Sleek first reported that the employee was shot and injured Thursday afternoon by a licensed firearm holder, who was later identified as an off-duty soldier.

The deceased man is Courtney Minto.

The Azan family, who owns the business is  calling for justice for the fallen worker.

Sleek has been told that Minto was carrying out his duty at the entrance of his workplace when he was shot twice by the JDF soldier.

He succumbed to his injuries on Friday.

The JDF soldier has since reported to the police investigators and military police.

Reports are that Minto told the JDF soldier he could not park in an area.

An argument ensued and Minto was shot in his hand and abdomen.