Death at a Nine-night

3 years ago

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A man is dead, his girlfriend in police custody and a firearm has been recovered by the police following a bizarre fatal shooting which marred the nine-night of a popular Portmore shopkeeper.

The dead man is Ricardo ‘Richie’ Douglas and reports are that he was shot during a confrontation with a plainclothes policeman.
What lead to the shooting incident which reportedly took place at 10:40pm and what transpired afterwards is thought provoking and have residents in the usually quiet space, talking.

Sleek Jamaica Media understands that the cop was driving his private motor car along Cumberland Boulevard when he was stopped by a bleeding man, who complained that he had was gun butted by another man.
The man was told to report the matter.
Shortly after, the off duty policeman subsequently saw a commotion on Keswick Way and went to investigate and realised a man fitting the description he was given earlier was on the scene. Upon identifying himself, persons ran.

The policeman was fired at, the fire was returned and Douglas was found suffering from gunshot wounds.

The firearm he was clutching was reportedly removed from his grasp by a woman who ran with it before it was flung atop a nearby roof.

It was later retrieved and Douglas’s girlfriend, who is reportedly the granddaughter of the dead shopkeeper, taken into custody.

A Smith and Wesson pistol with nine rounds was handed over to the police.
The man who was gun butted later identified Douglas as his attacker.

The matter was reported to the Inspectorate and Professional Standards Oversight Bureau (IPROB) as well as the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM).