Cubans found on deserted island; Survived off coconuts for 33 days

3 years ago

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“Incredible” was the adjective the US Coast Guard used when describing the three people they had rescued from an uninhabited island yesterday.

According to the Coast Guards, the trio-two men and a woman were reportedly stranded for 33 days.

What the Coast Guard found remarkable was the state in which they found the trio given their account of the events that led to the predicament.

They shared that they had to swim a considerable distance to the closest island they could see over the rough waters that had capsized their boat. This island is now known to be Anguilla Cay which is located in a chain of islands between the Lower Florida Keys and Cuba.

Once ashore, they then had to scavenge resources with which they made flags that later proved effective in signalling for help. The trio told the Coast Guards they survived on a strict diet of coconuts for over a month. This was the case until Monday when the US Coast Guard helicopter crew dropped them fresh water, food and radio.

Shortly thereafter, the US Coast Guards revealed that they were Cubans. However, they never divulged whether or not they were migrants trying to get to the US or simply Cubans lost at sea.

A US Coast Guard helicopter crew picked them up on Tuesday and brought them to the Lower Keys Medical Centre. Thankfully, the doctors determined the trio had suffered no serious injuries.