CPJ Takes Vacae Weekend Elevating the Easter Sunday Experience with D’usse and Remy Martin

3 months ago

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The eagerly awaited all-white brunch event, Estate, held on Sunday, March 31 during the event-filled Vacae Weekend, was transformed into a spectacular affair as Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ) took the urban aesthetic of D’usse and the luxurious essence of Remy Martin to this diverse entertainment audience.

With a larger-than-life branding presence, D’usse made its debut at Vacae Weekend in fine urban style and unparalleled sophistication, captivating the attendees with its signature cocktails, bottle parade and immersive experience. Patrons were transported into a fashion magazine where every sip embodied the grit of urban style yet with a refined taste that elevated the “Estate” to new heights. CPJ also continued its partnership with “Estate” with Yellow Tail Wines showcasing the patrons preferred wine pour.

The premium space at “Ova Suh” (the second event for the day (March 31) was also owned by CPJ with Remy Martin.  Remy Martin, celebrated for its exotic elegance and timeless appeal, seamlessly integrated its distinct flair into the ambiance, creating an atmosphere of opulence and prestige that left guests in awe as they donned “pajamas” inspired outfits for the 10:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. experience.

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The collaboration between CPJ through D’usse, Remy Martin, Bumbu and Yellow Tail Wines at Vacae Weekend showcased the epitome of synergy, as each brand brought its unique essence to the table, enhancing the overall pouring experience for patrons. The partnership exemplified the art of blending urban sophistication with timeless luxury, creating unforgettable moments for all in attendance.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with D’usse and Remy Martin to curate an unforgettable experience for Vacae Weekend attendees,” said Sherieka Myers, Brand Manager, Spirits at CPJ. “Vacae Weekend’s innovation and audience perfectly aligns with our vision, and together, we were able to surpass expectations and set a new standard for experience weekends with all four brands including Bumbu and Yellow Tail Wines.”