Cop’s car stolen at Portmore Mall

3 years ago

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An off duty cop reportedly fell victim to car thieves yesterday after she went to the Portmore Mall to make a daytime purchase.

Sleek was told the cop’s private Honda motorcar was stolen from the parking lot.

The cop was assisted to the Hundred Man police station by another motorist where a report was made.

The young cop was reportedly angry with herself for leaving to go to the location and having to deal with such a hit during the holidays.

A source close to the incident said the cop went to her car to get some change (money) when she was baffled by the absence of her vehicle.

Documents and other personal items were inside the vehicle which has not been located since.

The Greater Portmore Police Station has confirmed that the incident was reported.

Car thieves struck in St Andrew earlier this week after a car belonging to a popular radio personality was stolen from his residence.

The vehicle was however recovered in St Mary by the Islington Police.

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