Citizens affected by the construction of highway urged to lodge complaints

3 years ago

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The National Road Operating and Constructing Company (NROCC) is encouraging persons who may have complaints arising from the construction of the May Pen to Williamsfield leg of Highway 2000 to make contact with its offices.

This is to ensure that the concerns of critical stakeholders are attended to, through the company’s community stakeholder programme.

Environmental Manager, Errol Mortley, said that NROCC maintains a grievance log on all construction projects.

He explained that it is a mechanism that allows NROCC to have a complaints catalogue that is used to ensure that they are being dealt with in a timely manner.

“We go through the list of complaints and reach out to the appropriate parties, such as the contractor or the highway operators (Trans Jamaican Highway or Jamaica North-South Highway Company) to try to address the issues. If they relate to NROCC, like land issues, then we address those from NROCC’s side,”

he pointed out.

Mortley added that there is also a follow-up mechanism in place where efforts are made to ensure that unresolved complaints are brought to a close.

The Environmental Manager said that there was also interaction regarding complaints at the community level.
“We try to engage the various communities to deal with issues as they arise, so we meet with the community on a regular basis to ensure that the issues are addressed,”

Mortley said.

He noted that NROCC is an ISO: 9001-certified company, and in keeping with their quality management system, the entity also ensures that customer complaints are dealt with in a particular way.

“Our goal is to have ninety per cent closure of complaints each quarter,”
he said.

“The communities are engaged at least twice on a quarterly basis, for the construction of our highways,”
the Environmental Manager explained.

He said that NROCC takes every complaint seriously and that they are attended to at the earliest possible time.