Cabinet to review $422m marketing vaccine campaign

3 years ago

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Cabinet is to review the $422 million that was allocated for the marketing campaign that will accompany the upcoming vaccination drive.

According to Prime Minister Andrew Holness, the decision on spending that amount of money was taken to convince Jamaicans that the vaccine is safe while ensuring that the supply to the island will be fully utilized.

Holness said that had the vaccines arrived and not used quickly, there is a risk of spoilage because of the expiration date.

He stated that he believes that Jamaicans are now buying into the concept of taking the vaccine, which is a part of the reason the government will refocus the marketing campaign. He said Jamaicans are now convinced about the measures that were taken to select the vaccine to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) standards.

The Prime Minister stated that another factor that has lessened the concerns of Jamaicans is that vaccines are currently being administered all over the world without any adverse effect. He said Jamaicans also have family members overseas who have taken the vaccines.

“So the cabinet is therefore going to reconsider the allocation that was made for the public education and promotion programme that was previously announced and you will hear shortly what that reallocation of those resources will do,”

Holness said.

According to Holness, the government will have a reduced budget for the marketing campaign as there is still a need to educate about the logistical deployment of the vaccine and communicate with citizens about the time, place and availability.

The expected scaled-down marketing campaign will also inform about the effectiveness of the vaccine and the possible side effects.

The Prime Minister was speaking, during a groundbreaking ceremony in his West Central St Andrew constituency Friday afternoon.